Areas Specialized in " Master Plans " New Settlements " Residential Developments, Mix-Use Residential and business districts " Schools, University Campuses " Libraries, Cultural Centers, Conference Centers " Touristic Developments, Hotels, Holiday Villages, Small Luxury Hotels " Regentrification Projects " Individual Houses " Restoration Projects, especially traditional Ottoman wooden structures
Architectural Design Approach  Emine Öğün & Mehmet Öğün, share the same approach  and try to realise an architecture respectful to the historical  and natural environment, an architecture in human scale  with efficient and adequate flexibility for further developments,  an architecture as a living organism where the unity is realised  by the addition of entities in different scales as needed,  to constitute an open ended, additive cumulative unity  which in turn enables transperancy, participation, sustainability. The scope of work ranges from urban master planning,  1/5000, 1/1000, urban design works 1/500, 1/200,  individual buildings, from 1/200 to construction detailing  1/10 - 1/1 as needed, consultancy services  during construction phase and for the restoration works  cost plus fee construction management services.  
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